La Jolla Whole Health

The Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine which is located in San Diego is also known as La Jolla Whole Health. As the name implies, this center is being run by America’s Natural Doctor, Doctor Mark Stengler. La Jolla Whole Health doesn’t only focus on holistic medicine but it also has the latest in conventional medicine technology for the best healthcare that one can get.

One of the main beliefs that La Jolla Whole Health has is that good health just doesn’t happen on a whim, it must be achieved and actively sought. After the center helps people deal with their conditions, they also teach the patients on how to take full responsibility for their overall health. The center will teach the patients on how to tell when something is not right so that conditions will not worsen without immediate treatment.

A lot of doctors won’t take the time to sit down with you and discuss in-depth what it is you really need and they’ll just focus on the immediate issue on hand. A lot of conventional doctors will just ask for laboratory tests to be done and prescribe medication depending on the result. At La Jolla Whole Health, the doctors will take as much time as you want/need and make sure that you’re fully informed to everything that is happening.

Doctor Stengler will talk to you about the condition that you wish to immediately address and will also want to talk to you about all of the things that you want to improve in your body. Each treatment plan is different meaning that what he has prescribed to the other patients may not be the same as what he is giving you. This personal plan will address the main cause of your condition and not just masking the symptoms and hoping that the ailment will go away once the symptoms are gone.

La Jolla Whole Health uses the newest laboratory equipment for accurate diagnosis of different conditions. Once a diagnosis has been made, the clinic opts to treat the conditions with natural methods and remedies. This I think, is the perfect blend of the future and the past working together for perfect healing.

With more than a decade of experience, Doctor Stengler and La Jolla Whole Health has become the choice when it comes to naturopathic treatment in San Diego. Even patients who are not in the area can set up a consultation with the doctors through their convenient phone and video conferencing options. It doesn’t matter where you are, if you can’t drive to the clinic then you can still set up a consultation right from home or the office.

Weight loss consultation is another thing that La Jolla Whole Health offers. Doctor Stengler has recognized that obesity is one of the fastest growing problems that the country is facing and he is devoting part of his time to combat that. Through natural supplements, diets and correcting hormone imbalances, they aim to eliminate obesity one way or the other.